Face Wash

NO-Sulphates, NO- Parabens, NO-Silicons   Hydrating face wash by Adehah makes your skin healthier, nourished boosts of freshness and hydration. The hydrating face wash contains milk protein that helps your skin retain moisture. It smoothens the irritated skin making it softer and healthier. The special blend of natural oils makes sure to keep your skin-hydrated and not causing any irritation. We at Adehah use a special blend of “internationally sourced cleansers” that are mild and do not strip away the natural oils and minerals of the skin. Benefits: –
  • Mild on face
  • Nourishes your skin making it healthier
  • Hydrates skin
  • Makes skin soft
  • Has 100% natural Coconut oil derived cleansers
 *Sulphate free *Paraben free  *Silicon free Adehah's Oil control face wash is mild on sensitive skin.It provides deep cleansing with a sharp oil free matt look helping you boost your confidence. Our product is composed of 100% natural cleansers that are gentle on your skin and gives a luxurious lather.  It helps you get rid of excessive oil on your skin while at the same time not stripping away the moisture of your face and hence making the skin look fresh and hydrated. Our face wash contains Neem and aloe vera extracts that help purify your skin and provides various anti inflammatory and anti acne benefits. Benefits: –
  • Deep cleansing without dryness
  • Luxurious lather
  • Matt looking Skin
  • Mild on sensitive skin
  • Coconut oil derived cleansers
NO-Sulphates, NO- Parabens, NO-Silicons  

With coconut and palm oil derived cleansers the ultra mild face wash is super mild on sensitive skin. Our product is Free from sulphates, parabens & silicones. Hence it does not strip away the natural oils of your skin and does not cause any irritation. The 100% natural humectants in the face wash helps lock and attract moisture to your skin. The ultra mild face wash leaves your skin cleansed and super soft even after a long day of fighting environmental stressors. Hence making you feel clean and fresh.

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